Ion Trap Moves to Middlebury

July 2019 – The an ultrahigh vacuum chamber that will be used for our trapped ion experiments has been moved north from the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland to Middlebury College. This chamber holds a an electrode structure built to confine the ions and a ytterbium oven which will be used to load the trap with Yb+ ions. Many thanks to the many helpers at both ends who helped move the chamber from a lab at UMD, into an SUV, and then out again into MBH. It is currently waiting safely under vacuum in a pump closed in the Goodsell lab for installation in my lab space when completed.

Ion trap packed away the back of Ford Escape
Unloading the ion trap at Middlebury
Helpers at UMD. From left to right, Harvey Kaplan, Lei Feng, Patrick Becker, Kate Collins, and Antonis Kyprianidis
Helpers at Middlebury. From left to right: Che Bradley, Asher Lantz, Chris Herdman, and Sadie Coffin
Getting a morale boost from a little qubit.