A close up of a "blade style" ion trap.

Professor Paul Hess’s Research Group

My research focuses on studying the quantum mechanical properties of tiny crystals made of a few atomic or molecular ions, which are assembled, trapped and levitated in a vacuum chamber using electric forces. By manipulating these trapped ions with laser light, I can evaluate their usefulness as the building blocks of a future quantum computer. This work is done in collaboration with the Trapped Ion Quantum Information group at the University of Maryland’s Joint Quantum Institute.

Student projects might include testing new optical systems for these ion traps, or simulating their behavior on a computer. See the list of recent student project here. If you are interested in doing research in my group, please be in touch with me directly. There are typically positions available for summer undergraduate researchers at all levels, and I’m happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Middlebury students who have already met with me can fill out this application for new research positions for full consideration.

Group News

Ion Trap Moves to Middlebury

Ion Trap Moves to Middlebury

July 2019 - The an ultrahigh vacuum chamber that will be used for our trapped ion experiments has been moved...
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